Stefan Gant @ ALKOVI GALLERIA, Helsinki, Finland


Video-Näyttely / Video Exhibition
MARRASKUU / November
27.10 – 9.11.2012
ALKOVI GALLERIA, Helsinki, Finland

“Create, Observe, Perform forms the first part of an exchange programme between curators based in Cardiff, UK and Helsinki, Finland. The first programme, curated by Cardiff based artists Dawn Woolley and James Moore will be shown in Alkovi Gallery from 27th October to 9th November 2012. The programme doesn’t have theme or central idea but brings together a wealth of artistic approaches to video art. From animation and construction to documentary and performance the artists explore the creative potential of moving image. The artists are both stylistically and geographically diverse, from UK, USA, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Norway and Argentina. Some of the artists featured in this programme have responded to an open call, others have worked with the curators on previous projects further selections were made in collaboration with Outcasting (online moving image gallery).” 

The second part of the video exchange programme will take place at g39 in Cardiff in Spring 2013. The project will then tour to Kansas City in Autumn 2013.

Exhibiting Artists (Space 1 and 2)

Nina Mangalanayagam
Noemi McComber
Adam Buick

Stefan Gant
Erica Scourge
Patricia Pinsker
Dawn Woolley
Annalisa Sonzogni
Ted Sonnenschein
James Moore
Gwenn Joyaux
Anton Hecht
Jan Hakon Erichsen
Barry Andersson
Sean Vicary
Peter Bobby

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